Volunteer makes the first dig for delivery of fibre optic broadband cabling
First dig for getting.a house ready for fibre optic ultra speed broadband in rural Cumbria

Welcome to my site!

I am an artist working mostly with ink on paper, but other media as well although I am avoiding the plastics. My studio is in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. I study in Britain these days but have travelled to study in Japan and China as well. This background, and the differences in the ways of seeing the world, have resulted in a painterly aesthetic that reveals landscapes, and the people and creatures that inhabit them, as both mass and energy, familiar and alien, contemporary and timeless. I value above all the immediacy of brush and ink on absorbent paper, as in Far Eastern ink painting whose methods, techniques and approach I have adopted. 

In my work time is of essence. Time is precious and elusive. The arrival of ultra-fast fibre optic broadband in this parish is a fascinating wonder endowing the settlements of these fells and dales put down over long ages with instant revelations of widest possibilities. The first cabling for the fine glass strands have been laid in the cold soil. I am following the progress of this project, said to take about a year, with a roll out of sketches and paintings in appreciation of the dedication and hard work of the teams of volunteers from the parish and the experts of B4RN.